Ms. Christina Clark

Marti Starkey was referred to me by a friend. When I decided to make my Last Will and Testament and Trust, I decided to call Marti and make an appointment. A couple weeks later, I was sitting across from her. I was wonderfully surprised when I met Marti. We hit it off right away. I explained to her what I was wanting, and she knew exactly what needed to be done. In no time, my documents were executed and I was feeling such a sense of relief (I could even sleep better). Marti and “the ladies” in her office have treated me like family, and I feel like “home” when I walk into her office. I am surrounded by dear friends with them. I believe that it is very rare to walk into an attorney’s office and feel as much love, warmth, and respect as I feel when I walk into Marti’s office. I have referred Marti to some of my closest friends, because of the wonderful experience I had with her.

Mrs. Emilia Magdun

Marti Starkey is incredibly trustworthy and knowledgeable. She truly cares about her clients. My best friend referred me to Marti Starkey, and I have been so happy with her as my lawyer.

Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Andrews

Marti Starkey has been my attorney for the past 11 years. To say that my experience working with Marti has been exemplary, would be an understatement. She is truly the best at what she does (and she has the record to show for it). She is incredibly patient, kind, and compassionate. She is also unbelievably smart…

Helen Marschke

Dear Ms. Starkey, … having you as my attorney gives me peace of mind as I believe you will work for my best interest.

Irene Wharton – Estate of Steve Wharton

Dear Marti,

I went to a seminar recently and the speaker asked, ‘Who do you trust the most?’ I raised my hand and said, ‘My lawyer’ Everyone laughed, but I was serious. Thank you for everything you have done for me.

Vivian Wright – Defrees Estate of Leonardo Ousley

Dear Marti,

On behalf of myself and the three heirs of my grandfather’s estate, I wish to extend sincere thanks for the excellent service you provided. The professional manner in which you handled this estate, even though it was small compared to the many that you handle, was very refreshing. During our initial visit, you treated my parents with the respect, dignity and professionalism they deserved. That speaks very highly of you as a person and a professional… I wish you great personal and professional success.

Cheryl Brewster – Estate of Patsy Earthmon

Dear Marti,

Thanks for all the hard work you and Jonita put into resolving and maintaining my mother’s estate. We will continue to pray for closure with regard to her estate and other issues. It was really nice of you.

Margaret Hiestand

Dear Marti,

…Thank you, and your lovely staff, for all you have done. The pleasure you mentioned and the gift has been, and is, mutual and very special

Keith R. Chrysley

Dear Marti,
I would like to express my thanks to you and your outstanding staff for all that you did to make our time with your earlier this week productive. Times like this are all but pleasant and with without stress, yet Jeff and Hong-Sik were able to ease our apprehension and continued to give us positive feedback and encouragement. I thank God every day that we found your firm and that you were willing to assist in this issue. Thanks again for your hospitality and care.

Carol Cramer Drummond

Dearest Marti,

One is truly hard pressed to find the proper words with which to say ‘thank you’. By far, the most wonderful treasure to come out of all this was you. Because of you, lemons were turned into a most delicious lemonade… you put things right for me. Your fantastic caring and remarkable generosity are absolutely unique. It may sound corny, but love and goodness have won over meanness and what I consider evil. This is very important to me. My life and teachings to my students are based on the credo of love and goodness…. You know this about me, I think, and I certainly know this about you.